Monday, June 1, 2009

Corey Cerovsek

Corey Cerovsek is a Canadian violin prodigy born on April 24, 1972 (Heifetz was 71 years old.) In addition, he is a mathematician and accomplished pianist, having received advanced degrees in both music and math by age 16. Having already studied violin for a number of years, he began studying with Josef Gingold at Indiana University at age 12. He made his orchestral debut with the Calgary Philharmonic in 1981 and has been concertizing since age 16. Although an extraordinary performer and artist, he falls into that group of violinists who, for whatever reason, have not scaled the heights of public or critical recognition – Eugene Fodor, Phillipe Quint, and Vadim Gluzman come easily to mind.


  1. I saw Corey a couple of months ago in San Diego where he performed the Mendelssohn Violin Concerto. I hadn't heard of him before but he gave a tremendous performance. He also was personable and did a two encores. I hope more people learn about him. I would definitely see him again next time he comes to San Diego.

    1. 2018: I have heard Corey perform a number of times over a period of years. Extremely polished on the violin (just listen to his performance of Beethoven's violin concerto). I'm not sure how comfortable he is talking to a crowd, but once he locks in to play some music he creates a living link to a higher level in which the attentive listener can participate.