Saturday, May 1, 2010

Las Cruces Symphony

We play the last subscription concert of the season tonight and repeat it tomorrow afternoon. The orchestra will sound well - it almost always does. The program includes the Pines of Rome, The Moldau, and the Rococo Variations for cello. Our soloist is the new Principal Cellist of the Cleveland Orchestra - Mark Kosower. The concerts are sold out and the only way anyone can get a ticket is if someone who has one turns it in if they aren't using it. Obviously, I can't review the concert objectively since I'm playing in the orchestra. And, you can't witness it via the internet since we don't have a set up like the Berlin Philharmonic has - the popular Digital Concert Hall. Maestro Lonnie Klein will be conducting and take my word, he will do a great job with the orchestra and the players will do very well.

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  1. This season included guest artists Stefan Jackiw, Jeremy Denk, Jon Manasse, and Sabrina Hopcker.