Friday, January 23, 2009

Gaspar Da Salo

It is generally accepted that Gasparo Da Salo (1542-1609) was the first to create the form of the modern violin, as his violins are among the first of which there is concrete evidence. Some credit Andrea Amati. Gasparo Da Salo took his name from a tiny city on Lake Garda named Salo. His real name was Gasparo Bertolotti. He came to Brescia as a youth and was already established before 1565. His outstanding ability soon found widespread recognition and to him goes the distinction of having founded the Brescian school. Unfortunately, few of his instruments have survived. His violas, which are very rare, are particularly magnificent. One of those violas is played by Amihai Grosz.  The violin shown here is possibly by Da Salo or by Maggini or by Cellini.

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