Sunday, January 18, 2009

Record Labels

We may all be familiar with the most common record labels: RCA, CBS, EMI, HMV, Deutsche Grammophon, Angel, Everest, Melodiya, Peerless, Capitol, VOX, Mercury, Turnabout, Decca, Columbia, Sony, Virgin, and the list goes on, but, how about these? Anti-Creative Records, Cement Shoes Records, Cheeky Records, I.R.S. Records, AntAcid Records, B-Unique Records, C.I.A. Records, Criminal Records, ZYX Records, Visiting Hours Records, No Idea Records, Track Records, Serious Business Records, Dew Process, Moist Music, Eleven Seven Music, Lingasong Records, Gee Records, Krayola Records, Hep-Me Records, Juana Records, Highpoint Lowlife, and In-Fidelity Recordings. There are hundreds of labels out there, just as there are thousands of composers. Now, many symphony orchestras are beginning to market their own recordings on independent labels via the internet, though the names are somewhat more serious sounding than many of the above.

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